Current Volunteering Opportunities

Detailed below is a link to the schedule of up and coming volunteering opportunities on Tower Hamlets EBP Employability, Enterprise and Financial Skills events.

Current Volunteering Opportunities - click below to download

Full 1718 Tower Hamlets EBP Volunteer Opportunities

We welcome teams of volunteers as well as individuals. Volunteers also do not need to undergo a DBS background check.

Overview of Tower Hamlets EBP Programmes and EventsPhoto Web2

Getting Ahead: Employability Conference

Employability skills conferences. Students work through various activities, each one covering a key skill or employability concept. Skills and concepts covered include first impressions, employer expectations, team work, applying for a job, CVs and Application Forms, interview skills, and so on. One of our ‘Flagship’ programmes!

Head to Head - Practice Interview Programme

A practice interview programme for pupils in secondary school or college.Photo Web1

Volunteers are asked for a half or full day commitment to conduct individual mock interviews with pupils, giving constructive feedback after each interview. One of our ‘Flagship’ programmes!

Employability Skills Events

Events that focus on the employability skills that will help students access the workplace in the future. Topics include: first impressions, employer expectations, applying for a job, CVs and Application Forms, interview skills, and so on.

Enterprise Skills Event

Events that focus on the ‘soft skills’ that students will need in the future such as: leadership, communication, presentation, resilience, ability to take advantage of opportunities, Photo Web3negotiation, persuasion, creative thinking and critical thinking.

Financial Skills Event

Activities and events that are designed to improve the financial knowledge, understanding and capability of young people. This could be a basic introduction to budgeting, students finance, banking terms and accounts, protecting yourself and your money online, etc.

Aspirational Events

Workshops that inspire and encourage students to think about the future. These include applying for University, alternatives to higher education, careers days, etc.