September 2016 – Winner

This month's award goes to...

Barclays' Risk Aim2Attain Committee for their invaluable contribution towards the programme last year!

The Barclays A2A Risk Committee has been fundamental to the success of two partnership schools within the A2A programme: Langdon Park & Raines Foundation. They have worked hard to raise awareness of THEBP within Risk, and continued to engage and encourage colleagues to get involved.

Here is what they had to say about their involvement in the programme:

“I have worked with the THEBP on numerous occasions and really enjoyed the close collaboration with students in the local area. A2A particularly appealed to me as it was an opportunity to build a relationship with a group of students, and support them in their journey through the next stage of their education. What really struck me from the start was the enthusiasm and dedication shown by all the students. They were a pleasure to work with, and it was extremely rewarding to see their growth throughout the program.” Sara Walser

“Tremendous satisfaction to impart knowledge and share experiences to support young pupils prepare for their future careers. It was such a pleasure working with  young people  that really have the will  to advance and watching their confidence build as the coaching sessions progressed.” Fatima Stuart

“Being born in the East End and having dyslexia, I feel that mentoring children from areas close to Barclays in Canary Wharf  is something I want to support so that I can pass on my experiences to the community. I take so much from volunteering,  the students enthusiasm and desire to learn, is something I constantly learn from.” John Tyson

We wish them another successful academic year with Langdon Park and Raine’s Foundation and hope to see the partnerships growing from strength to strength!