Your Financial Future

BAML logo blue_300_rgb_croppedDeveloped in partnership with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Your Financial Future (UK Edition curriculum) is a programme of workshops designed to improve the financial knowledge, understanding and capability of young people.

Your Financial Future is designed to be delivered by business volunteers, but it can also be used by teachers. The resources on this site will provide you with the necessary tools you will need to prepare and deliver workshops that will engage students and expose them to the world of financial literacy.

The workshops can used as part of the PSHE/Citizenship curriculum, and support the delivery of mathematics as a functional skill.

By supporting students throughout this learning process, you will give them an invaluable opportunity to understand how their choices about education, career, and managing money affects their overall well being and their family throughout their lives.

How it works

Quality Mark Logo - YFF - Nov 14 H160The resources are designed for use with Primary, Secondary, and 6th form / college students and are divided into activities by grade level. Each activity is designed to be taught in schools as a classroom activity lasting between 30 and 60 minutes. The activities have their own power point lesson plans with full notes including hints and tips for making the lesson a success.

Before you undertake any lesson, you should download the ‘Read Me First’ PDF which sets out the overall structure of the programme and provides full guidance on how to prepare and deliver the lessons.

You will also need to download the relevant activity power point, together with any worksheets or resources from the appropriate grade level PDF.

For Level 1 (Primary School) Your Financial Future resources please click here.

For Level 2 (Secondary School) Your Financial Future resources please click here.

For Level 3 (Post 16) Your Financial Future resources please click here.

In November 2014 Your Financial Future was awarded the pfeg Quality Mark. The pfeg Quality Mark indicates a resource has been assessed by independent experts to ensure educational quality, financial accuracy, and impartiality. For further information visit

Although produced by Bank of America Merrill Lynch, all Your Financial Future materials are free for you to use, with the proviso that the original branding remains in place.