Subjects in the City

Logo City of LondonFunded by the City of London, Subjects in the City is project bringing teachers and volunteers together to enhance the school curriculum. Teachers and volunteers work together to develop new activities for students which link with specific curriculum subjects.

After a successful pilot year, we are now expanding the project until July 2016 and looking for new teachers and volunteers to get involved. Both Primary and Secondary teachers are invited to apply.

How it works

The project aims to:

  • Link curriculum subjects to the world of work by providing real-life contexts and examples;
  • Develop teachers’ knowledge of careers available in the City, enabling them to give up to date information on career opportunities within the City;
  • Build sustainable links between schools and businesses in the City
  • Create networks between teachers and employers across London boroughs;
  • Develop interactive, work-related lesson resources linked to curriculum subjects and other career and work related education ideas that can be implemented in schools.

After registering interest, teachers and volunteers will be matched and invited to attend a launch session at a corporate office to gain insight into City Careers and given support in starting their projects. Pairs then work independently, communicating in person, via phone, email or virtually to develop an activity for students before implementing in the classroom or hosting at a corporate office.

Examples of previous activities include:

  • An Employability Day for a school Summer School
  • A new scheme of work on Modelling for Graphic Design students
  • Supporting A-Level Language students with A2 Speaking Examination focusing on the skills of research and defending a position.

The project is a cross-borough project, delivered in partnership with Inspire! Hackney EBP and Southwark EBA. At the end of the project, volunteers and teachers from all boroughs will have the opportunity to attend a celebration session to share reflections on the project and share resources.

Follow the project on Twitter @TowerHamletsEBP #SubjectsinCity

How to volunteer

If you are a teacher or volunteer interested in getting involved in this project or to find out more, please contact Rebecca Wood, Business Development Manager on [email protected] or 020 7655 0351.

Register your interest for Subjects in the City

To find out more about this programme please contact Rebecca Wood, Business Development Manager on [email protected] or 020 7655 0351.