BEE Financial Literacy Programme

The BEE Financial Literacy programme is a year-long programme for young people in primary schools to develop their financial literacy skills, supported by business volunteers. Volunteers lead a series of six workshops focusing on financial knowledge, enterprise and employability.

Through this scheme, a group of volunteers from the business community will link with a Primary school. These volunteers lead and support workshops run in the school, office or on a trip, for example to the Bank of England.

The programme aims to equip children at a younger age with the tools and knowledge that will support them through to employment.

This is a one year programme for Year 5-6 Pupils.

Jan – June of Year 5:
Sessions one to three = Basic Financial Literacy skills

The first 3 sessions explore balancing needs and wants, spending and saving, contracts, tax and banking, and pupils have the opportunity to visit the offices of their business volunteers and the Bank of England.

Oct – December of Year 6:
Sessions four to six = Enterprise and Employability skills

In the final 3 sessions, pupils form ‘companies’ to design, produce and sell greeting cards, calculate costs, and donate their profits to charity.

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How it works

Although the programme works best when there is consistency in the volunteers that attend each session, the minimum commitment required from volunteers is to prepare and lead just one 2 hour workshop.  Coordinators may consider having a pool of volunteers from which 4-6 can be chosen for each session.

Detailed briefing and resources are provided by Tower Hamlets EBP, including tips on how to work with children aged 9-11.  For each activity during a session, one volunteer will lead the class from the front, whilst the others support small groups of pupils.

The following outline of activities provides an overview of what the scheme offers: schools and businesses have the option of completing the sessions on Financial Literacy skills, the sessions on Enterprise, or to complete the programme in its entirety. Resources for each session will be provided in due course.

Please click here for a summary of the workshops!

How to volunteer

This programme requires a team of volunteers (a minimum of 6 people) from companies. Unfortunately we cannot accept individual volunteers.

Volunteers need to commit to a minimum of one session, though we encourage volunteers to try to commit to more than one. Volunteers receive a detailed briefing and all the materials they will need.

No prior training is required. Volunteers do not need to undergo a Disclosure & Barring Service check. There is no cost involved.

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To find out more about this programme please contact Avantika Taneja, Project Manager - Financial Literacy on [email protected] or 020 7655 0304.