Head to Head – Practice Interview Programme

Head to Head is a practice interview programme for pupils in secondary school or college that are about to go on work experience, apply for jobs or gain access to higher education.

Volunteers are asked for a half or full day commitment to conduct individual mock interviews with pupils, giving constructive feedback after each interview.

Every year, around 550 volunteers interview 2700 pupils in Years 10-12 (aged 14-17).

How it works

Please find a typical Head to Head timetable below:

08.30 – 09.15 – Coffee and briefing
09.15 – 10.45 – 3 interviews
10.45 – 11.15 – Tea/Coffee break
11.15 – 12.45 – 3 interviews
12.45 – 13.45 – LUNCH
13.45 – 15.15 – 3 interviews
15.15 – END OF DAY

Each interview is scheduled to last approximately 30 minutes – 5 minutes beforehand to read the pupils CV, 15 – 20 minutes of interview time to draw out key skills such as evidence of teamwork, communication, organisational skills etc. and 5 minutes for feedback, so you can help highlight areas for future development. There are no hard and fast rules for dealing with interviews and other parts of the selection process and you will develop the style and technique that is right for you.


Prior to the interview day, you will receive a mock interview structure, sample questions and directions to the school. On the day, you will also be given an Interview Pack, which contains an interview proforma and feedback forms.

How to volunteer

We welcome teams of volunteers as well as individuals from companies. Companies can either send volunteers along on an ad hoc basis or they can choose a particular event to focus their volunteers on. It’s whatever suits the company.

No prior training is required. As this is a one-off activity volunteers do not need to undergo a Disclosure & Barring Service check.

Volunteers need to bring nothing and to dress as they would for the office. Lunch will be provided.

Register your interest for Head to Head – Practice Interview Programme

To find out more about this programme please contact Sam Mahoney, Senior Project Coordinator - Do More Team on [email protected] or 020 7655 0310.