Getting Ahead

GETTING AHEAD is a unique programme of employability skills based conferences for Tower Hamlets secondary schools. Volunteers work with small groups of students through several workshops across a half day or full day conference.

The aim of the programme is to prepare students for the world of work by encouraging them to think about the skills and qualities they have as well as those they may need to develop or improve.

Each conference is divided into various workshops which introduce key Work and Life skills such as making a good first impression, listening and communicating, understanding employer expectations, working in a team, problem solving, applying for a job, developing good interview skills, and so on. There are usually around 60 to 70 students, 14 to 15 years old, divided into teams of 6 to 7.

Every year around 500 volunteers work with 1,800 students through the GETTING AHEAD programme.

How it works

Students work through the conference in small teams. Each team has a Group Advisor – an adult volunteer with experience of life/work/business. Their role is to guide, support and motivate their team as they work through the sessions, adding real experience and credibility to the event.

The workshops are short, active and fun. Students get to build a relationship with the volunteers over the day and find out more about the volunteer’s own work/life experiences.

Volunteers are briefed thoroughly on the morning of the event and are given guidelines and materials to use in each session. Volunteers are supported by the THEBP Chair throughout the conference.

Volunteers need to bring nothing and to dress as they would for the office. For full day events, lunch will be provided. Typical conferences start at 8:30am and finish by 3:00pm. A variety of venues in Tower Hamlets are used.

For a full list of GETTING AHEAD events please see the events page.

How to volunteer

We welcome teams of volunteers as well as individuals from companies. Companies can either send volunteers along on an ad hoc basis or they can choose a particular conference to focus their volunteers on. It’s whatever suits the company.

No prior training is required. As this is a one-off activity volunteers do not need to undergo a Disclosure & Barring Service check. There is no cost involved.

Volunteers need to bring nothing and to dress as they would for the office. For full day events, lunch will be provided.

Register your interest for Getting Ahead

To find out more about this programme please contact Sam Mahoney, Senior Project Coordinator - Do More Team on [email protected] or 020 7655 0310.