Enterprise and Financial Literacy

Whatever the future career plans of young people might be, they benefit greatly from developing key enterprise skills and improved financial literacy. We have developed a portfolio of programmes and events focusing on Enterprise Skills and Financial Literacy that meet the needs of both schools and their students.

Our Enterprise and Finance events introduce key skills to students from 11 to 16 years old. The sessions and workshops are designed to help students to develop enterprise capability and financial understanding in an interactive and enjoyable way.

The workshops use a range of different situations and scenarios to get students thinking about enterprise and fiance – everything from designing and marketing their own board game, to creating a campaign to increase recycling to budgeting for university!

How it works

Events can be anything from an hour workshop to a full day of activities. Students work through the workshops usually in small teams. Each team works with a volunteer. The volunteer’s role is to guide, support and motivate their team, adding real experience and credibility to the workshops. The workshops are short, active and fun.

Volunteers are briefed thoroughly on the morning of the event and are given guidelines and materials to use in each session. Volunteers are supported by the THEBP Chair throughout the workshops.

Below are a list of some of the Enterprise and Finance events/workshops we deliver. Click the name of a workshop to find out more.

Enterprise Skills workshops:

  • Blooming Colour Challenge
  • Board Game Challenge
  • Business Schools
  • Cyber Cafe Challenge
  • Environmental Challenge
  • Fashion Show Challenge
  • Presentation Skills
  • Youth Club Challenge

Financial Literacy workshops:

  • Introduction to Banking
  • Investment Challenge
  • Money, Money, Money
  • Uni Money

We also work with teachers and employers to develop new workshops and events. Please contact us using the details below to discuss further.

How to volunteer

We welcome teams of volunteers as well as individuals from companies. Companies can either send volunteers along on an ad hoc basis or they can choose a particular conference to focus their volunteers on. It’s whatever suits the company.

No prior training is required. As this is a one-off activity volunteers do not need to undergo a Disclosure & Barring Service check. There is no cost involved.

Volunteers need to bring nothing and to dress as they would for the office.

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