Employers of today look towards the workforce of tomorrow

London-based social mobility charities, The Brokerage Citylink and Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership held a joint conference on Friday 27th January to explore what the world of work will look like by the year 2040.

Business leaders from across London discussed the future of careers within professional and financial services, with perspectives given from businesses and educationalists on how employers and educators have a role to play in preparing tomorrow’s workforce.

The conference, 2040 - what work will look like for the next generation, was hosted by Lloyd’s, who are a key supporter and partner of both charities.

Matthew Ryder QC, Deputy Mayor for Social Integration, Social Mobility and Community Engagement, opened the conference.

Speaking at the event, the Deputy Mayor said: “London is an amazing City of opportunity and we need to make sure it stays that way. Today’s children and young people will be London’s future - key workers, business leaders and entrepreneurs - people whose skills and capabilities will be the future of this great City. We, who are working now, need to make sure that we are creating the environment that they can then build on”.

In a rapidly changing market, where it is estimated that 65%* of children entering primary school today are likely to work in roles that don’t currently exist, leading corporates are already addressing changing labour market needs and how businesses and schools will need to adapt and prepare for life in the second half of the century.

Lord Willetts, Executive Chair of Resolution Foundation and former Minister for Universities and Science delivered the keynote speech, highlighting that businesses continue to offer poor career routes to the 40% of young people who do not gain a graduate qualification.

Business perspectives were provided by Chris Beazley, CEO of London Market Group, who focused on the talent challenge for the London market, and Anthony Bruce, HR Partner at PwC, who spoke about trust, adaptability and leadership in 2040 workplaces.

* The Future of Jobs and Skills, World Economic Forum


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