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We are an independent charity that supports the education, training and development of young people by forming mutually beneficial partnerships between businesses and schools.

We aim to motivate and support young people to raise their levels of achievement and aspiration, gain relevant work related skills and develop an understanding of the world of work. Our programmes involve the participation of local businesses, City of London and Canary Wharf employers who play a key role in inspiring, supporting and opening doors for young people. Their involvement affords access to a world of choices and opportunities that may otherwise have remained out of reach.

  • Phillip Slater - Web3

    I am rapidly coming to realise that it is not only the students that benefit, learn and develop new skills - we do too!  It's terrific.

    Phillip Slater | Partner | Morrison & Foerster (UK) LLP attended the

    Head to Head Practice Interview Event at Swanlea School

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    Number Partners in action at Bigland Green Primary School

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    Head to Head - Mock Interview Programme -
    supported by Lloyd's Community Programme volunteers

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    Number Partners in action at Bigland Green Primary School